MBBS in Kyrgystan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

The admission process depends on the criteria of the board, universities, and the entrance test.Kyrgyzstan, officially the Kyrgyz Republic, also known as Kirghizia, is a landlocked country in Central Asia. It is bordered by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. Its capital and largest city is Bishkek. MBBS from Kyrgyzstan is known for imparting high quality medical education. In Kyrgyzstan, MBBS degree is of 5 years of classroom training and 1 year of internship. The top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan offer medical education to over 5000 students every year. The medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan are recognized MCI, NMC, WHO, and the Ministry of Education, Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyz Republic is a landlocked nation, covered by mountains imparting its boundaries to Kazakhstan toward the north, Uzbekistan toward the west, Tajikistan toward the southwest, and China the southeast. The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek which is the biggest city in the country.

If Indian students are not able to clear the entrance test taken as KSMU they will be transferred to another Kyrgyzstan medical universities such as Asian medical college The Indian students above 55% in PCB in India can pass this exam easily.in addition, there is no donation to study at medical college in Kyrgyzstan. The students need to appear for an entrance exam only in Kyrgyzstan state medical university.

The most noteworthy factors attracting the Indian students get attracted due to such as

  • MBBS in Kyrgyzstan has a lowest cost /fee structure in the world around 1.60 lacs/year
  • Hostel costs are very low as compared to another country the cost is around 30000 per year
  • The cost of living is around RS 6500 per month laundry as well as room cleaning
  • Indian food is also the reason for the students the choose MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Why study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

  • Kyrgyzstan comes under top 3 destinations in the world to study MBBS abroad due to its main advantage of studying MBBS at lower cost.
  • Studying in medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan gives a more excellent calibre of training, training regional pathology, learning diagnostics, taking care of the patients, practicing medical care, and some more.
  • Every one of the nation's medical schools teaches in English Medium, and no different dialects like Russian or Kyrgyz are used during classes and in the assessments.
  • There are numerous reasons why Indian students should study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan: Low Tuition fees and therefore Indian students can study medicine at a very affordable cost. Also, the cost of living in Kyrgyzstan is low. This makes Kyrgyzstan a very wise decision.
  • Kyrgyzstan offers facilities which the medical universities in an affordable cost.

We are a top overseas education consultant in India with MBBS. Glow overseas education as been successfully placed Indian students for admission to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. As an official representative of many low fee medical college in Kyrgyzstan in India. We get the benefit of on line direct admission system. The Indian students can directly apply in glow overseas education .it could give Indian students an chance to get honest guideline to select the right university suitable for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Advantages of Studying in Kyrgyzstan

  • Numerous universities with WHO and Medical Council of India (MCI) and different nations associations endorsed practicing medicine anyplace they need. The degree is permitted everywhere in the world.
  • Kyrgyzstan has an excellent framework, and the general climate in Kyrgyzstan is delightful.
  • Traveling to Kyrgyzstan isn't troublesome as there are many non-stop flights from India to Kyrgyzstan.
  • Students have an alternative to pick hostels or any apartments to live in with high-class faculty and safe living.
  • Numerous colleges, pretty much every college and school, have an Indian mess, and in this way, there is no issue for any Indian student about their life of tongue.

Quick Information About MBBS In Kyrgyzstan

Recognition - NMC and WHO approved
Eligibility - 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Aggregate
Course Duration - 5 years
NEET - Yes, compulsory
IELTS/TOFEL -Not Required
Medium of Teaching - English

About Kyrgyzstan

Geographical Position

Bishkek - Capital of Kyrgyzstan

Language spoken - Kyrgyz, Russian and English

National currency is Kyrgyzstani Soma. 1 USD = 84.77, Soma

Population – 64,6 Lakhs
Territory – 19,951 sq. km

The highest average July temperature is +28 … +31°CThe lowest temperature of January and February is -1 … -3°C
Religion in Kyrgyzstan

kyrgyzstan in religious geography lies on the boundaries separating Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Islamic spheres of influence.

Education system

Education System is same as Indian Education System. Asian curriculum and organized in a comprehensive system. Which stimulates all citizen have the right to Education?

Major cities

Bishkek, Osh, Jalal-Abad, Karakol

Top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan

Below mentioned are the top mci approved medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan-

University Name Year of Establishment
Asian Medical Institute 2004
International School of Medicine (I.S.M.) 2003
Jalal-Abad State University 1993
Osh State University 1951
Kyrgyzstan state medical university 1939
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Syllabus

Students will cover the following Subjects while pursuing His/her Mbbs in Kyrgyzstan, theoretical and practical.

Year Subjects
First Year Human Anatomy, General Psychology, Elective Courses, Bioorganic Chemistry, Internal Medicine, Cytology
Second Year Histology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Patient Care, and psychology
Third Year ENT, Embryology, Radiology, Forensic Medicine, Medical Chemistry
Fourth Year Pharmacology, Surgery, Allied Subjects, Community Medicine
Fifth Year Clinical Phase, Gynaecology, Infectious Disease, Obstetrics & Ophthalmology, etc.
Sixth Year This is an internship-based year under the guidance of a Senior Doctor in private or Government Hospitals.
Basis MBBS in Kyrgyzstan MBBS in India
Seat Availability The MBBS in Kyrgyzstan seat is not limited The seats in India for pursuing MBBS are limited
Fees Structure MBBS In Kyrgyzstan starting tuition fees is 13.8 lakh MBBS in India fee
  • Government College : INR 11,000 to INR 7.5 lakhs(Complete Course)
  • Private College : INR 20 Lakhs to INR 80 lakhs(Complete Course)
Course Duration MBBS In Uzbekistan course duration is of 5 Years MBBS In India course duration is of 5.5 years (4.5 years academics + 1-year Internship)

Average temperature of Kyrgyzstan

The highest average temperature July is +28…. +31c
The lowest average temperature January and February -1…. -3c .

Religion in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan in religious geography lies on the boundaries separating Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Islamic spheres of influence.

Kyrgyzstan in religious geography lies on the boundaries separating Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Islamic spheres of influence.

There is a large number of programs that are completed within RS 10-15lacs of fees structure package. There are around 4500 Indian students studying in mci approved medical collages in Kyrgyzstan. One of the cheapest medical universities in Asia lies in Kyrgyzstan but all the universities are not advisable due to low quality of education.

Admission Process

Study MBBS in Abroad

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Frequently Asked Questions

YES, as per the current rules of the medical council of India [MCI], you can practice in India. After graduating from abroad, you have to appear for a SCREENING TEST conducted by the national board of education [NBE], New Delhi. On clearing this test, you need to register with MCI and comply with their rules and then you will get registration which will allow you to practice medicine in India.

YES, after registration with MCI, the doctor can apply for government & private jobs or do his/her own practice, as the person is now recognized but the Indian authorities as a qualified doctor.

There is no limit on the number of attempts in the screening test. a sincere student will pass the screening test in the first attempt.it is qualifying test similar to class 12 test.it is not an elimination test such as PMT.

Students can cook their own food-kitchen facilities are available.
  • Indian canteens and restaurants are available in the city and near the university premises.
  • Establishment of a dedication low-cost canteen serving Indian food for international students in the hostel premises in under consideration by the university
  • All food items such as rice, dal, potatoes, flour, pizzas, frits, spices, tea, milk, butter, etc are available for sale in the markets and bazaars

500-1200 Indian students are studying in each college listed in this brochure. There are many boys and girls from India..

500-1200 Indian students are studying in each college listed in this brochure. There are many boys and girls from India..

As per RBI regulation students pursuing education abroad can obtain a loan up to Rs. 15lacs.visit the local branch to find the terms. Amount sanctioned depend on income proof pf parents’ last three-year income tax return/or salary certificate. You will have to satisfy the criteria that the bank will apply. Visit the local branch of nationalized banks in your area to find out more.

Yes, it is listed in the WHO directory of medical institution. WHO publishes a list of medical colleges given by various countries.

Yes. After completion of MBBS degree from India/abroad or any recognized institute, you can pursue PG studies abroad. The quality of education abroad is very high-as the institute’s teachers not only at the bachelors-but also the masters and PHD level.

Yes, the bachelor’s degree is recognized in India and in more than 180 countries around the world. Graduates can practice in the following countries after completing formalities as needed by each country
  1. India: after clearing a screening test conducted by the national council of education. The test held is twice a year
  2. United Kingdom: after passing PLAB examination
  3. United states of America: after clearing the USMLE
  4. .European union [EU]: the degree is recognized by the European union.

You need to either apply for your passport online and apply. The passport application process is moving online. Visit www.passportindia.gov.in the website contains the name, address, and the phone number of passport offices all over India. You can submit your application online via a form. In some cases, the application is being received online only. We recommended that you apply for your passport immediately. Fill out the form on the net and you get an appointed date. Normally takes six to eight weeks to receive a new password.

  • Washing machine
  • Hot water
  • Free electric stove for cooking
  • Changing the bed sheet every 2-3 days for free
  • Free electricity
  • Security guard
  • Hostel warden
  • High-speed internet with 10 Mbps speed. Cost around Rs.600 per month

  • Parents/friends/relatives or students can visit; invitations can be issued from that country to facilitate visa processing in new Delhi
  • There is two days in a year. 15 days in January and 2months in summer [July and august] during holidays - students have the option so staying back there or travelling in Europe or coming back to India to spend time their family.

We have representatives in various cities. Please send your query to us and we shall send it to our local representation office and they would to getting in touch with you.

We are authorized by the universities we have over a decade of experience in dealing with students. We have [plenty of information and tips of value to students and parents for the course. We provide networking with doctors in USA & UK for those wanting to go overseas for jobs

Yes. Vegetarian food is available. If needed: pure vegetarians can cook their own food so that they happy about what they eat.

Yes, but it also depends on the university applied for and also the medical board of the country where the students want to do the internships.

They can be paid directly to the university applied for and also the medical board of the country where the students want to do the internships.

Every university has an international student’s department where students could address their problems directly.